Best Healthy Shake In Missoula Montana Elevated Nutrition

Elevated Tea Details

•  Vitamin B6 & B12
•  Ginkgo Baloba & Ginseng
•  Aloe for Healthy Digestion

•  Caffeine for Energy
•  Select Teas have Protein,
Collagen, or fiber/probiotic

Best Healthy Tea In Missoula Montana Elevated Nutrition

Shake Details

•  24 Grams of Protein
•  21 Essential Vitamins & Minerals
•  Under 300 Calories

•  14 to 18 Carbs
•  9 to 12 grams of Sugar
•  Certified Meal Replacement

Our Mission

We are Elevate Life Nutrition! Our goal is to serve the city of Missoula healthy meal shakes, along with our amazing teas and aloe drinks. We promote a healthy active lifestyle. The space we created is a positive supportive atmosphere. Come join us!

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